Nuova Simonelli Appia Life Compact 2 Group Espresso Machine

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NS Compact 2
  • AutoSteam Wands: The steam wands stop automatically at the programmed temperature to preserve all the organoleptic qualities of the milk.
  • Heat Exchanger: Simultaneously brew and steam faster and more efficiently. Keeping your shorts tasty by maintaining a consistent temperature from boiler to brew head.
  • Soft Infusion System: Being able to get all the froth from the coffee into the cup is a challenge Appia has won thanks to SIS, which guarantees perfection always and compensates for any incorrect coffee pressing.
  • Smart Wand Upgrade: This optional wand effortlessly makes perfectly frothed milk. The Smart Wand stretches and steams milk with just a touch of a button and automatically turns off at the correct temperature. No guesswork involved.
  • Raised Group Heads: Conveniently leaves room for larger cups.
  • Soft Infusion System: Works to brew a consistent (and delicious!) shot every time.
  • Reverse Mirror: Allows the barista to have an overhead view of the coffee from the filter holder without having to bend down. 
  • Cup Warmers: Utilizing heat straight from the boiler, the top of the Appia effectively warms cups prior to brewing.
If you like the features on the Appia II machines but do not have a sizeable enough workspace to make it possible, you are going to love what the Appia II Compacts have to offer. At a depth of just over 22 inches, this machine is designed to leave a footprint small enough to make it suitable for your reduced workplace. The perfect fit for coffee carts, catering, small restaurants or small cafes. INTUITIVE PUSH-BUTTON CONTROLS Designed to be intuitive to use, Nuova has created specially designed ergonomic push-button controls for easy operation of the machine. Utilizing the buttons located above the grouphead, users can select a short single shot, a double short shot, a long single shot, a double long shot and manual. Because this machine is a volumetric, operations are automatic so the barista/user can make a selection and sit back and relax while waiting for a consistent, reliable brew. THERMO-COMPENSATED GROUPHEADS WITH LARGE HEAT-EXCHANGING BOILER The Appia II Compact comes equipped with 2 groupheads, each of which are thermo-compensated. In addition to the consistency provided by the groupheads, the Appia II is capable of the ultimate steaming and brewing experience with its powerful 1500 watt heating element and impressive heat-exchanging 7.5 liter boiler. RAISED GROUPHEADS FOR TALL CUP CAPABILITY Nuova has raised the standard, quite literally, by raising the level of the grouphead to be able to capacitate larger cups. Many other espresso machines are equipped with low groupheads and baristas must extract the brew into a shot glass or espresso mug and then transfer to a taller cup. The raised grouphead on the Appia II compact enables the barista to maintain efficiency by dispensing directly into any cup. SUPERIOR EXTRACTION WITH SOFT PRE-INFUSION To further optimize the flavor and consistency of the extraction, Nuova has added a soft pre-infusion to this unit. By adding a larger pre-infusion chamber to lengthen the saturation period, a delay is created before the maximum pump pressure has been achieved. This system allows for a better and more consistent saturation/extraction. OPTIONAL AUTO SMART STEAM WAND The Appia II 2 Compact 2 group machine comes fit with two standard steam wands. Buyers have the option of upgrading to an auto smart steam wand. The auto smart steam wand is a very convenient feature for the user who would like a reliable, thick, rich froth for every beverage without the hassle of perfecting technique. The auto smart steam system steams the milk to the preset temperature and stops automatically when that temperature has been achieved. The wand has been specially insulated to decrease the build-up of the dried milk crust and to also reduce burns from touching. ERGONOMIC PUSH-PULL CONTROL OF STEAM With the standard steam wands comes an ergonomic push-pull control that makes steaming easy. The user must simply tap the control upwards to deliver bursts of steam and lock downwards for continuous steam. DIRECT WATER LINE CONNECTION Long gone are the days of the hassle of emptying and refilling a heavy water tank. With the Appia II, direct plumbing means less work and less mess for you! This system eliminates the possibility of damaging the motor from an empty water supply which can happen quite easily on water tank systems if careful attention is not paid.
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